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Allusion2 Web Directory is a professionally edited web directory. If you would like your website to be included, you have two choices; You can either use our express submission (click 'Quick Submit' at the top of most screens), or you can use the basic submission process (click 'Add Your Site' at the bottom of most screens).

When you use the preferred express submission, we will do all the work for you. You simply enter your website's address, go through the quick checkout process, and we will take care of all the rest.

** If your submission is rejected for any reason, a full refund will be issued **

In order to expedite the review of your submission, please read and follow the submission guidelines set forth below.

Choosing a Category

Start at the top category, and work your way down to the most relevant category. Make sure to check for more specific categories listed under that category. If you cannot find an applicable subcategory, please submit your site in a higher category.

Webpages vs. Websites

One feature that separates our Directory from other web directories is that we welcome individual webpages as well as websites. This concept may be new to many, so let's illustrate.

A Website:
A Webpage:

Unique Content

In order for a submission to be eligible for listing, it must contain unique content.

Please do not submit sites or pages which:
   - Contain nothing more than affiliate links.
   - Redirect the user to another pages.
   - Have affiliate referrer ID's attached.
   - Contain adult, illegal or immoral content.
   - Are still under construction.
   - Are mirrors of sites already listed.

Title, Description & Keywords

Once you've determined your site is eligible for listing, find the most relevant category and click on the Add URL link.

Another feature that separates our directory from other web directories, is that we allow you to choose your own title, description and keywords, as long as they are relevant to your website or webpage. For this, please use the basic submission process (click 'Add Your Site' at the bottom of most pages)

The description of your website or web page should be as long as possible without exceeding the limit of 200 characters.

In order to be found in a search of the directory, please consider all relevant keywords a user might use to search for a site of your nature. This may include singular or plural variations of words you used in the description.

NOTE: Please check your spelling and capitalization. Please refrain from using ALL CAPS capitalization.

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